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Showcasing unbelievably beautiful tattoo designs.

Generation Ink collects beautiful tattoos from beautiful artists all over the world. Unlike other tattoo catalogues, Generation Ink's collection is hand-picked, each design vetted for skill, beauty, and originality. Connect with your favorite artists and share your favorite pieces right here, in Generation Ink.

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  • Hundreds of high quality designs are showcased
  • Learn about the artist and story behind each tattoo
  • Extensive sorting by category, style, rating, or body position
  • Save, share, and expand your collection

Our principles

  • Respect the artist
  • Value technique & originality
  • Make tattoos and tattoo education accessible

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What the others are saying

  • Finally, a tattoo gallery app that isn't full of tribal armbands and butterflies. With great taste and respect for the artists who put their time into these people creations, Generation Ink is the go-to catalog for inspiring my next tattoo.
    - Darren Leonetti

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